Wheel of Steel

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Velocihamster – “Wheel of Steel”
1. Prey (3:55)
2. Roar (5:01)
3. Bait (3:52)
4. Claw (3:58)
5. Bath (3:11)
6. 1.O.T.D. (3:34)

Produced by Sean Williamson
Music written by Sean Williamson except 1.O.T.D. (One of These Days – ©Hampshire House Publishng Corp)
Recorded & Mixed by Sean Williamson at Subsidized Housing Records, Milwaukee, WI
Mastered by Gary Tanin at Daystorm Music, Milwaukee, WI
Special thanks to Jeff Hamilton at Hamtone Audio, Milwaukee, WI
Artwork by Steven Bossler – stevenbossler.com

Sean Williamson – Lap Steel Guitar, Vocals
Eric Kummer – Drums
Alex Lofoco – Bass (PREY, CLAW)
Matt Turner – Bass (BAIT)
Kevin Dunphy – Drums (1.O.T.D.)

©2018 Born Free, Then Caged Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. velocihamster.net