Balls to the Wall

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Velocihamster – “Balls to the Wall”
1. Trap (3:34)
2. Mate (4:46)
3. Misirlou (2:32)
4. Fall (4:55)
5. Safe (4:51)

6. Bury (4:41)
7. First Tube (5:14)
8. Wean (3:24)
9. Baba (6:14)

Produced by Sean Williamson
Music written by Sean Williamson except “First Tube” written by Trey Anastasio, Russ Lawton & Tony Markellis – ยฉWho Is She Music, Inc.
Recorded & Mixed by Sean Williamson at Subsidized Housing Records, Milwaukee, WI
“Misirlou,” “First Tube,” & “Wean” recorded by Paul Kneevers @ Kneeverland Productions, Milwaukee, WI
“Fall” Recorded by Jeff Hamilton @ Hamtone Audio, Milwaukee, WI
Mastered by Gary Tanin at Daystorm Music, Milwaukee, WI
Artwork by Steven
Sean Williamson proudly endorses EMG Pickups, Morrell Lap Steels, Bogner Amplifiers, Gruv Gear & WingManFX

Sean Williamson – Lap Steel Guitar, Vocals
Matt Turner – Fretless Bass Guitar
Alex Lofoco – Fretless Bass Guitar (‘Mate’)
Eric Kummer – Drums (‘Trap’ – ‘Mate’ – ‘Baba’)
Chris Oelke – Drums (‘Misirlou’ – ‘Wean’)
Sean Smith – Drums (‘Safe’ – ‘Bury’)
Matt Rhyner – Drums (‘First Tube’)
Terry Jeanes Jr. – Drums (‘Fall’)
Paul Kneevers – Organ (‘First Tube’)

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